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The continuous and generous support from sponsors is what drives the Formula Buckeyes to success. Without our sponsors, the team would not be able to perform and compete to our full potential. We strive to build and maintain strong relationships with our sponsors in order to sustain a mutually beneficial partnerships.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Formula Buckeyes, please contact Alexandra Resor at


Fan Club ($0-$499)

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Group with regular progress updates and behind the scenes insights
  • This helps purchase items such as: miscellaneous tools & team apparel

Spectator ($500-$999)

  • All the benefits of Fan Club
  • Company logo on our website and Facebook Page
  • This helps purchase items such as: stock & molds

Pit Crew ($1000-$2,499)

  • All the benefits of Spectator
  • Company logo on car
  • Social Media spotlight
  • This helps purchase items such as: brake components & pistons

Crew Chief ($2,500-$4,999)

  • All the benefits of Pit Crew
  • Banner in the shop
  • Official Formula Buckeyes race-day apparel
  • This helps purchase items such as: tires & driver equipment

Driver ($5,000-$19,999)

  • All the benefits of Crew Chief
  • Large logo on car
  • One visit by Formula Buckeyes team with race car
  • Resume Packet: Resumes of our most involved and dedicated team members
  • Logo on race-day apparel
  • This helps purchase items such as: composites, & registration fees

Title Sponsor ($20,000 +)

  • All the benefits of Driver
  • Largest logo on vehicle in prominent location
  • Title sponsor of vehicle, company name included in title of vehicle: “Formula Buckeyes powered by …”
  • One scheduled Sponsor Drive Day
  • This helps purchase items such as: Transportation costs for the team as well as the car

Thank you to all of our current sponsors!







Crew Chief:


Pit Crew: